Software solutions for exploration drilling

Software built for exploration and production drilling

Capture, review, and analyze your data with Krux so you can drill down with pinpoint accuracy.

Our software gives you increased visibility, automation, and real-time predictions that accelerate your ability to adapt and evolve. Eliminate the guesswork with Krux.

Our customized software consolidates the collection and analysis of exploration and production drilling data, giving you easy, secure access to the information you need for real-time decision making.   


We Turn Information
Into Insight.

We’ve helped clients in exploration sites worldwide to track

Metres drilled

Drilling hours

Man hours

You can’t manage what

you don’t measure.

We’ll show you how intuitive
 dashboards and advanced analytics
can optimize your business.

Data Entry just got a whole lot easier with our mobile app.

Enter data on the go

Get accurate data

Streamline your process


See the big picture of your

operations with our portal.

Customized to your operation

Collaborate seamlessly

Derive insight from your data

Our Integrations optimize your workflows


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We’ll show you how intuitive dashboards and advanced analytics can optimize your business.

Our expertise is at the intersection of drilling and data.

We’ve brought together mechanical engineers, software engineers and MBAs so your business can make the most of its information.

Our Clients Lead Their Industries

“Made our processes much more efficient!”– Western Energy Services
“It’s very user-friendly, allows for easy tracking and editing capabilities.”– Priority Drilling
“Krux has provided us with a scalable, sophisticated yet simple platform that has allowed us to optimize services.”– Norex
“A sophisticated system that provides a consistent, integrated and real-time solution that includes data capture, advanced data analysis, project monitoring and corporate reporting.”– Data Manager at Mining Company
“The value Krux has brought us is being able to react in real-time because we now see an instant and continual budget, trend and consumption tracking. Our clients also benefit from the full transparency of reporting.”– Geotech Exploration
“Our experience with Krux has been very positive. They have been helpful and easy to work with and have resolved any issues that have come up very quickly!”– Griffith Drilling