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Structured Data for Business Optimization

Supporting day-to-day operations by providing business leaders with real time data analytics.

data exists everywhere




SQL Servers, Access Databases, SaaS Solutions, Third Party Software



Excel, Sharepoint, Custom App Data



Websites, Government Sources, Industry Regulators, Data Subscriptions

stop creating standalone reports

different interpretations

Variability in data selection, improper use of filters, and inconsistent interpretation of data results in erroneous metrics, flawed analysis, and conflicting reports.

unlinked data sources

Stand-alone reports are typically historical as opposed to updating in real time. Data sources are either single dimensional or a consolidation of multiple sources that occurred at one point in time

siloed information

Valuable data relationships can be inadvertently excluded from reports and analyses because data may not be shared or available.  Normalized data, connected across departments, allows users to see where relationships exist.

let us present your data

save time & resources

Stop spending the majority of your day filtering through data and reports to find information. Streamline your analytics by leveraging our experience and knowledge.

support & encourage collaboration

Remove your data silos and normalize your data to highlight relationships and expose inefficiencies.

adaptive & consistent reporting

We provide a single, consistent platform for displaying your data. Our platform is independent and over-arches your existing internal systems providing all your data and industry information needs. It is accessible anywhere, on any device.

What sets us apart

Technical Knowledge

We have a detailed understanding of mechanical design and operation of equipment.

subject matter experts

​We have years of experience understanding drilling operational management and how it affects financial performance.


We have demonstrated the ability to translate technical, operational and financial data into simple and clear graphics.

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